• Lifetime Warranty


We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of all our products, therefore our products have a lifetime warranty. Our warranty is valid only in case the products are purchased directly through e-shop www.hluskobags.com.

By lifetime warranty we mean lifetime of a product itself*, not of the purchaser. Hlusko s.r.o. guarantees exceptional warranty which is never shorter than by law 24 months.

*Lifetime of a product
We do our best to make our products long-lasting, but after using our items after certain period of time some natural wear and tear damage may eventually occur. We consider the end of product’s lifecycle when the main fabric is discolored, delaminated or deteriorated. When major components such as handle, zipper or a bottom of a bag fail due to intensive use or use of the item over an extended period of time we may determine this as the end of a product life.

Responsibility for product defects according to statutory regulations of Civil Code (§ 622 – 624)

The Seller is responsible for sending products without defects, in quantity and quality resulting from the binding contract of sale and is responsible for keeping the price as agreed in the contract. In case, that the received product is faulty or has got workmanship defects that are not caused by the shipping company, these defects apply to the warranty.

The warranty doesn’t apply to common signs of wear that occur after certain time of use. No matter how well you care for your product, changes in color, abrasions and general breakdown of materials will eventually appear. Shorter product life caused by intense use is not considered as a defect and the warranty doesn’t apply to such case.

Warranty also doesn’t apply to damages resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect and damages that do not affect the functionality of the bag. Damages caused by not following the Care Instructions, attached to each product, are not covered by our warranty either. Damage caused by washing the products in a washing machine is not covered by our warranty, unless the instructions attached to a product allow mechanical washing.

Warranty Claim

In case there is any problem with the package or it has signs of damage when you receive the product please contact us by e-mail: customerservice@hluskobags.com or call +421 944 773 536  no later than 24 hours after receiving the product.

The warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects. The Customer has in this case right to claim by one of the following legal ways:

  1. In case your claim for warranty is legitimate, please contact our Warranty Service. After identifying the defect of the claimed product, that is done according to statutory regulations of the Civil Code (§ 622 and 623) and subsequent acceptance of the claim, we are obliged to remove the removable/repairable defects free of charge, in a timely and proper manner. In the case of interest, we are happy to exchange the product for a new one or replace the part of the product that is affected by the fault.
  2. If the defect can not be eliminated and the defect hinders the proper use of the products or the defects occur again, our Customer has the right to exchange the goods or may withdraw from the contract of sale.
  3. In case that the product has got non-repairable defects, but these defects don’t hinder the product from being properly used, the Customer is entitled to an appropriate discount on the price of the product.

If the warranty applies to the claimed product send it to the address of the company Hlusko Ltd, A. Stodolu 5320/54, 036 01 Martin, Slovak Republic. The part of the shipment must be copy of the purchase receipt/invoice. The costs for returning the claimed product and delivering the new one is covered by Hlusko Ltd. We do our best to ensure that your claim is solved as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days after receiving the claim.

Warranty service is provided by the e-shop Operator Hlusko Ltd.