• Best Free Apps for Workout & Fitness in 2018

Best Free Apps for Workout & Fitness in 2018


We prepared a list of 6 best workout & fitness apps which you don’t have to spend money on. Get in shape with these popular Android and iOS apps!

Nike+ Training Club

What makes this app awesome is over 160 free video workouts in a variety of styles such as yoga, cardio, boxing and endurance. The Nike Master trainers prepared a video demonstration for each movement! There are also videos for those who own free weights at home.

The app lets you choose your plan from 4 options: Start Up, Lean Fit, Bodyweight Only and Gym Strong. You can also select if you want to work out with an equipment or not, how often you plan to work out and how difficult you want it to be. Creators of the app thought about your time as well, so you can easily adapt it to your schedule.

I don’t know how about you, but I can’t imagine a workout without music. The app cooperates with your music library, so you can always choose your favorite music for the workout. Each movement has its own video demonstration.

If you need an encouragement from other program members just add them by connecting the app to your Facebook account or just choose from the suggested list. Is there any fitness/workout/running event happening around you? Thanks to the app you won’t miss any event happening around you anymore.

The app automatically calculates your number of workouts, minutes, calories and NikeFuel so you can track and physically see your progress.

To sum it up, the app is very stylish, with huge variety of workouts for everyone and everything is for free. I give it 10/10.

Get it on Google Play Store or AppStore for FREE.


Runkeeper is pretty popular and some people tend to compare it with Strava, we think that both apps are great. Strava might give you more details about your performance like elevation, heart rate or how you are doing compared to other people and Runkeeper is more suitable for recreational runners.

Runkeeper is very suitable app for both beginner and experienced runners.  The app is great at tracking your route and also provides training plans to improve your speed and endurance. As almost all other running apps you see your pace, distance and calories burned.

I like the idea, that you can connect and link your profile to other apps such as Fitbit and MyFitnessPal in case you prefer one of these for workout/fitness and Runkeeper solely for running. Speaking of connectivity, you can also link to Spotify of iTunes to play your favorite music during a run.

Need encouragement? Set your goals and the app will coach you toward reaching them.

We haven’t tried the Premium membership, but we believe that some basic info as weather data should be available in free membership too.

Get it on Google Play Store or AppStore for FREE.


Simple design. That’s what we noticed as first positive thing about this app. Doesn’t matter whether you go running, hiking, surfing or cycling, keeping track of your workouts is essential. It lets you set goals and then share your successes with your friends. You can also record routes in real-time by using a built-in GPS.

If you need a musical motivation, the app now syncs with Apple Music so you can play those high-tempo playlists. If you need an extra motivation, voice-coaching will do that for you.

Runtastic produced series of apps which focus on specific trainings so if you like its design and how it works, check out more apps from them.

To have an access to all features you have to purchase the premium membership, which costs $9 a month or purchase a week membership for $2.

Also available on Windows!

Get it on Google Play Store or AppStore for FREE.


Thanks to Fitbod’s powerful technology which understands your strength-training ability, studies your past workouts and adapts to your available gym equipment you can build your custom-fit workout and push your limits! It offers a big library of exercises so feel free when customizing your workout.

Great feature is that you can connect with Strava and share your workout achievements there.

It would be great if the app is available on Android too!!!

Get it on AppStore for FREE.

Fitness Buddy

Offering more than 1000 HD videos, 1700 exercises and more than 70 workout routines this is a great to have app for beginners to intermediates. Each move is explained step by step, and you can primary or secondary target the muscle you want to exercise. All designed by actual trainers.

You can find here helpful meal plans and track your progress in weight and metrics over time.

Get it on Google Play Store, AppStore or for Windows Phones for FREE.

Home Workout – No Equipment

This is a great app for those who prefer to workout at home or can’t hit the gym on regular basis. All exercises are bodyweight, without any equipment. Users can choose 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) for each body part. The workouts are quick-paced, so you don’t have to worry that you will spend hours a day by working out.

The voice coach gives you small tips between the exercises which are well explained in detail.

We love the fact, that there is no e-mail nor sign-up required to access the app. We recommend the app for both men and women.

Get it on Google Play Store or AppStore for FREE.

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